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Current Mentor and Facilitator Resources

Many campus resources are available to provide support and timely information to students and the UT community, including Protect Texas Together, Longhorn Connection, and Longhorn Resources. First-Year Interest Group (FIG), Transfer-Year Interest Group (TrIG), and First-Year Connections mentors and facilitators have a unique opportunity to connect and work with first-year students. The First-Year Experience Office (FYE) is prepared to support you throughout your time as a mentor or facilitator.

The First-Year Experience office created this website to pull together resources and provide mentors and facilitators with best practices for transitioning to The University of Texas at Austin, including building community, providing campus resources, helping students adapt to university learning, and supporting students’ health and wellness. Among the following buckets, you will also find the updated list of requirements and guidance for FIG and TrIG mentors, additional resources relevant to facilitators, and the processes required for mentor hiring and payment.