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Units and Programs

Academic and Curricular Innovation

Delivers modernized degree requirements, student research opportunities, entrepreneurship and other academic experiences, both inside and outside the classroom.

Core Curriculum
Working in partnership with UT’s colleges and schools to coordinate, assess and support courses required of all undergraduates.

Center for the Skills and Experience Flags
Coordinating courses that satisfy degree requirements in writing, ethics, global cultures, cultural diversity, quantitative reasoning and independent inquiry.

First-Year Experience
Developing innovative classes and community-based academic experiences to help first-year students transition to college.

Bridging Disciplines Programs
Creating and coordinating interdisciplinary credentials for undergraduates, working closely with the other colleges and schools on the Forty Acres.

Preparing students for the modern workforce through the lens of entrepreneurship.

Office of Undergraduate Research
Fostering undergraduate participation in the research and creative activity of the University.

Office of Distinguished and Postgraduate Scholarships
Supporting students applying for prestigious post-baccalaureate scholarships.

McNair Scholars
Preparing undergraduate students for doctoral studies through research and other scholarly activities.

Strive Grad Prep Academy
Supporting pathways to graduate and professional school.

Assessment and Professional Development
Supporting the college’s program evaluation and assessment efforts, along with professional development for staff across the portfolio.

Enrollment Management

Student-centered hub for admitting students, setting enrollment strategy, delivering financial aid and informing University policy and practice.

Texas One Stop
Providing student guidance for course registration, tuition payments and taking care of University business.

Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid
Delivering financial and strategic support to enable students’ continued enrollment and timely degree completion.

Office of the Registrar
Facilitating timely degree progression for students with up-to-date course schedules, academic calendars and University records.

Texas Financial Wellness
Helping students improve financial health and security through counseling, workshops and other resources.

Office of Student Success

Provides students with academic support and resources and collaborates with campus partners in academic planning to streamline the educational experience for all undergraduates.

Sanger Learning Center
Providing small group and individual tutoring for UT coursework and connecting students with
experienced peers for academic support.

Vick Advising Excellence Center
Creating training resources for advisors across campus so that all students receive accurate and
personalized advising. Supporting students exploring academic options or internally

UT for Me – Powered by Dell Scholars
Eliminating the gap in graduation rates for low-income students through access to technology,
academic resources and financial support.

University Leadership Network
Fostering community, building leadership skills and career readiness, improving financial
literacy and supporting student wellbeing.

Student Success Help Desk
Consolidating the tools available to help students stay on track to graduate and working with
students, advisors and faculty to resolve roadblocks to timely graduation.

Texas Success Initiative
Assessing University students’ basic reading, math, and writing skills and then providing
instruction to strengthen skills to promote academic success at the University.

Heman Sweatt Center
Creating community and honoring the legacy of Heman Marion Sweatt

Darren Walker Scholars
Providing an undergraduate education for students of the highest caliber with substantial financial need and a history of overcoming economic, social, or educational obstacles.

Student Success Symposium
Celebrating the efforts of the campus community and offering insights into goals for the coming year—open to faculty and staff who work to help our students succeed.

Creating a culture of healthy connections and coping skills through six pilot programs that aim
to reduce substance misuse and its harms.


Recruits prospective students, provides University tours and access to counselors and holistically reviews all complete freshman and transfer applications for admission.